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Fibreglass Birds

Large range of fibreglass bird sculptures (wild bird, African bird, Australian bird) in many poses have been sculpted in high detail and finished to museum quality.

Unlike their taxidermy equivalents the pieces are pure art without the problems of endangered fauna or illegal trade in protected wildlife skins.

Farm Birds

Hens, Roosters,gooses
Farm Birds

Water Birds

Brolgas, Ducks, flamingoes,Jabirus, Pelicans, Seagulls, SpoonBills, Swans, Cormorants, Penguins
Water Birds

Birds of Prey

Eagles, Hawks, Kookaburra, Owls, Ravens
Birds of Prey

Ground Dwelling Birds

Ostrich, cassowaries, Emu, Dodo bird, Peacock,Turkeys
Ground Dwelling Birds


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