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Bottle Tree Sculpture For over 30 years Natureworks has built 100’s of spectacularly realistic artificial trees that can be found in museums, hotels, resorts, playgrounds, shopping malls, retail outlets, casinos, zoos, environmental centres, childcare centres, theme parks, public projects, mobile exhibits, libraries and private homes worldwide.

Artificial Fig Tree Sculpture Imagination is the only limit as to what can be done says David Joffe the owner of Natureworks at Highvale Qld. After spending 10 years as a display preparatory at the Qld museum creating realistic exhibits and having a larger than life enthusiasm and knowledge for the love of nature, has reinvented the way of putting the art into artificial. His team of sculptors and designers all contribute to the design development of all projects.

The worlds largest artificial tree ever built “The Tree of Life” with over 100 animals in a 40-metre-tall giant fig tree, was completed in 2004 by Natureworks in Sopoong Shopping Centre in South Korea. These creations can make childcare centres, retail shops, restaurants, hospitality venues, airports, atriums and lobby environments more pleasing to the eye. Artificial trees bring the outdoors, indoors into the built environment.

Every tree creation is handcrafted and unique. A mixture of both live and artificial materials are used to blur the lines of reality and confuse the eye and brain to soften the hard lines of the modern concrete world. Depending on the client’s requirements, Natureworks’ handmade creations generally include a steel armature/framework, combined with fibreglass/concrete and or polyurethane foam and textured with a bark-like material that is sculpted then hand painted. Occasionally genuine bark is used, which is chemically treated for preservation, then finishing touches of nature such as knots and lines or weeping sap, seeds, roots or flowers can all be added. External tree roots can also be sculpted to anchor the base, or it can have a hollow base to create a cubby like room underneath.

If you are creating an immersive themed environment or an interior landscape exhibit to provide shade, or a mythical tree for cultural rituals, or a fantasy tree with fairies, leprechauns and unicorns, or specific trees native to a local area such as a gum tree, bottle tree, a playground tree slide, climbing tree or tree cubby, or reading tree for childcare facilities and playgrounds, Natureworks can help by adding additional elements to make them come alive! Natureworks enormous collection of readymade bats, birds, insects, frogs, reptiles, or a leopard or two can be perched upon a branch and provide an educational habitat of local wildlife all of which will engage the visitor and stir the imagination.

To grasp the artistic and technical aspects required in creating this sensual and highly tactile art form of artificial tree creations, our craftsmen need a delicate hand, in-depth knowledge of the correct process and materials needed to layer the core structure, a good eye for detail, and an overarching creativity to satisfy the client’s needs to truly imitate mother nature.

A commission can take from one month to one year to complete. Natureworks tree art starts with the process of design consultation which will help create a preliminary concept. We then develop scale drawings and fabrication is often undertaken offsite prior to onsite installation. When the job is too difficult for mother nature, let Natureworks fill the gap. Its second nature for us to help you create a space for kids, adults, locals and tourist to enjoy!


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