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Care Sheet & Product Disclosure

PDF Care Sheet & Product Disclosure

All our models are produced from a durable high quality polyester resin, hand laminated and fully reinforced with FIBREGLASS. These are NOT to be confused with the thousands of low cost, unreinforced, highly brittle POLYRESIN castings coming out of China, which are totally unsuitable for external use. The Natureworks products all receive a final clear coat in the factory, but all clear finishes will eventually deteriorate in full sun. It is advised that if you intend to display the item permanently outdoors, you should periodically reapply a clear protective coat, which should be tested first on an inconspicuous part of the casting. Water based acrylic outdoor paints are mostly used on our products except where clients require extra heavy duty laminates and high wear polyurethane paint systems, which are recommended for playground and other high risk areas, and for permanent full sun exposure.

These extra heavy duty items must be pre-ordered and will often require a significant lead time, and a corresponding increase in price. Our wildlife sculptures are NOT TOYS and only certain designs will be suited to be accessed by children who can ‘love them to death’ if not adequately supervised. These products will last indefinitely if used indoors but as the use of the products are beyond our control, and subject to the elements, no warranties are offered for outdoor use. If used outdoors and especially in full sun for any extended period, you should be prepared to undertake some maintenance to the finishes. Any protection from the sun, even the shade of the tree, will significantly reduce fading and other wear to the paint surfaces.

Like a fingerprint, no two Natureworks sculptures are exactly identical. Variances of colour, small surface variations and “imperfections” or blemishes are an intrinsic characteristic to the items being handcrafted.

The paint finishes will not tolerate submersion under water and it is imperative that no water is allowed to pool on any painted surface. If necessary if water enters the hollow fibreglass core, drill a fine hole in any pooling area to assist with draining. The sun, rain and hail will accelerate the ageing of the paint finish. Bird droppings and the accumulation of dirt and leaves will compromise the surfaces.

The colour red and its derivatives are at the greatest risk of fading. Paint touch ups can be undertaken using any water-based acrylic paints.

You may do minor repairs using superglue, epoxy resin or polyester putty fillers available from car accessory outlets.

If you choose to apply a clear sun protective coat over the paint you should first try a test section in an inconspicuous small area first to ensure compatibility with the existing paint surface.

Packaging & Transport

As these items are usually bulky but light weight, most items are not boxed to reduce both shipping and transport costs.  If minor scuffing or chipping occurs during transport we recommend that you touch the pieces up according to the instructions above and that you accept minor flaws as unavoidable.  All items are individually checked prior to packaging and dispatch.  Each product is carefully packed to ensure their safe journey and to best protect them from damage in transit.

Copyright Natureworks Pty Ltd

All Rights Reserved. Under no circumstances are these concepts or designs to be copied in whole or part without written permission of Natureworks Pty Ltd.

Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Custom Art & Fabrication

The Natureworks collection consists of 2000 master pieces all of which can be ordered as a custom build, so if you cannot see what you are looking for, please ask.  All enquiries are welcome.

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© Copyright Natureworks Pty Ltd.

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